Hydropower Plant in Dobrzeń Wielki on the Oder River


Hydroprojekt (Leader) in Joint Venture with a construction company Budownictwo Hydro-Energetyka Dychow performed all works associated with Phase I of the ”Hydropower Plant in Dobrzen Wielki on the Oder River at the Existing Barrage at km 164.2 – Phase I”. The scope of the Project included the construction of a hydropower plant, an open inlet and outlet canals, and maneuver areas in front of the power plant.


  • two turbosets, 800 kW each
  • paved surfaces for maneuvering areas, roads and sidewalks – 600 m2,
  • underground building of hydropower plant with an installed power capacity of 1.6 MW along with technological
  • equipment – 660 m2
  • inlet canal – 470 m2
  • outlet canal – 600 m2
  • exterior lighting of the area
  • cleaner of trash racks
  • dividing pillar
  • cable channels
  • diverting embankment
  • power output cable line – 1.875 m


  • preliminary and detailed design
  • construction works
  • start-up
  • obtaining exploitation permit and commissioning

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Hydropower Plant in Dobrzeń Wielki on the Oder River


PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.


km 164.2 of the Oder River, Town of Dobrzen Wielki, Poland

Time frame

2007 - 2009