Solina Dam


The dam, founded on rock and working under the pressure of dammed water, is endangered by the impact of adverse filtration occurances. To protect against excessive filtration, a cement-grout curtain was carried out in the rock foundation of the dam, up to the max depth of 60 m. However, water seepages on the downstream side of the dam, indicated leaks in some sections of the concrete massive. Finding solution to this problem was commissioned to Hydroprojekt who elaborated comprehensive design documentation. Geological and geotechnical surveys performed under the contract allowed to determine the causes of adverse filtration occurrences in the body of the right abutment of the dam. In order to remove them, the walls of the pipeline canal, running in the right abutment of the dam were water proofed and water inflow to the canal was shut off with a concrete wall. In the next step, new sections of the cement-grout curtain, sealing the rock foundation and shutting off the inflow of the hillside waters to the dam, were performed. The applied solutions proved to be effective and caused significant reduction of the filtration process.


The Solina dam is the highest dam in Poland (81.8 m), the longest concrete one (664.8 m), and the structure with the largest volume of the concrete massif (768,000 m3).


  • conceptual designs
  • preliminary designs
  • detailed designs
  • construction supervision on behalf of the author

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Solina Dam


PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A.


Podkarpacie Voivodship, Lesk County, Solina Community, Poland

Time frame

2010 - 2011