Świnna Poręba Flood Protection Reservoir on the Skawa River


The construction of the reservoir in Swinna Poreba is one of the longest-lasting projects in hydraulic engineering in Poland.

The Swinna Poreba Reservoir will be a key facility in the water management system of the north-western part of the Malopolska and Silesia Voivodships. It was designed as a multi-purpose reservoir which performs the following functions:

  • flood protection of flood protection of the Skawa River Valley downstream the reservoir, the Vistula River Valley, and of the City of Cracow
  • drought protection – increasing the minimum outflow from the reservoir from – 0.77 m3/s to 6.4 m3/s
  • generation of renewable energy at estimated 14.8 GWh per year,
  • water supply for Silesia and in emergency (in the case of the Tresna Reservoir failure) for the City of Cracow
  • enriching the landscape and the ecosystem in the areas surrounding the reservoir,
  • enhancing tourism and recreation potential in the areas adjacent to the reservoir


  • total capacity of the reservoir is 160 million m3, including the flood reserve of 60 million m3
  • the average depth about 15 m
  • the surface at the max water level 1035 ha
  • earth dam about 50 m high and 640 m long (volume of the embankment – 2.23 million m³, concrete volume – 300,000 m³), constructed of gravel, sand and pebbles, sealed with a clay core in the axis of the dam
  • discharge facilities consist of surface overflow with four-span weir (4 x 16 m) and sector gates, bottom outlet of 6,5 m dia and 4MW  hydropower plant of 15m3/s flow capacity


  • comprehensive technical documentation
  • physical modeling studies
  • author’s supervision
  • as-built drawings

Project on map


Świnna Poręba Flood Protection Reservoir on the Skawa River


The State Water Holding Polish Waters - Regional Water Management Authority in Cracow


Malopolska Voivodship, Wadowice District, Mucharz, Stryszow and Zembrzyce Counties, Poland

Time frame

1986 - 2015

Investment value

over 2 million PLN