Czaniec weir


The aim of the contract is the technical design of the Czaniec weir flap drive chain. Chain damages will be located on the basis of the analysis of the technical condition of the facility and after study of the technical documentation. Then, the concept of new solutions will be presented, including analytical calculations, modification of structure nodes along with making 3D models for calculations. The kinetic model will be checked and model tests will be performed. After performing detailed numerical calculations using the Finite Element Method (FEM), we will optimize the project, make a full 3D model of the chain and check the collision of elements. The final stage of the project is the valuation of the workshop execution of the complete chain.

Project on map


Technical design of the Czaniec weir flap drive chain


The State Water Holding Polish Waters - Regional Water Management Authority in Cracow


śląskie voivodeship, bielski district, municipality of Porąbka, Czaniec

Time frame

03.08.2020 till 30.11.2020