Czorsztyn – Niedzica Hydropower Plant

The Czorsztyn-Niedzica reservoir with the Sromowce Wyżne compensation reservoir on the Dunajec River has been one of the biggest hydraulic investment in Poland design by DHV Hydroprojekt. The Sromowce Wyżne reservoir is of the equilibrium type and it enables the Czorsztyn-Niedzica power plant’s operation in the peak and pumped-storage mode.

Basic technical parameters of Hydropower Plant:

  • 2 reversible Deriaz turbine – generator units with 92 MW power in the turbine mode
  • power rating per turbine: 46.375 MW
  • synchronous speed: 166.7 rev/min
  • generated voltage: 15,75 kV
  • acceptable head range: 40-50 m


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Czorsztyn - Niedzica Hydropower Plant


Regional Water Management Authorities Cracow


Czorsztyn - Niedzica, Małopolskie voivodeship, Poland

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