Drought protection – small retention project in the Płaska Forest District

DHV Hydroprojekt Sp. z o.o., commissioned by the Płaska Forest District in Żyliny, will carry out a comprehensive design documentation of adaptation of forests to climate change, including the construction of hydrotechnical facilities limiting the flow of snowmelt and raising groundwater levels.

The project aims to reduce the negative effects of drought by restoring and protecting wetland areas and increasing the amount of water stored in the forest. The designed hydrotechnical facilities will improve the humidity conditions.

The scope of the task includes the development of design documentation regarding:

  • construction of an earth pond for amphibians in the Pobojne Forestry,
  • modernization of the reservoir in the Królowa Woda Forestry,
  • construction of hydrotechnical facilities restoring function to wetland areas in the Gorczyca Forestry, Sówki Forestry, Królowa Woda Forestry, Mały Borek Forestry, and Jazy Forestry.

The contract is implemented as part of the Infrastructure and Environment Program co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund – a project: “A comprehensive project of adaptation of forests and forestry to climate change – small retention and prevention of water erosion in lowland areas.”

Project on map


Skarb Państwa – Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne Lasy Państwowe Nadleśnictwo Płaska w Żylinach

Time period


Project value

PLN 393,600 gross