Kuźnica Warężyńska water reservoir


The Kuźnica Warężyńska water storage reservoir (commonly called Pogoria IV) was created in the excavation of the sand mine, as a form of rehabilitation of the grounds degraded by opencast mining. Kuznica Warezynska together with the Przeczyce and Pogoria III reservoirs form a system of retention reservoirs in the Czarna Przemsza River basin. Beside their recreational function, they ensure a biological flow in the Black Przemsza River, flood protection of the river valley downstream the reservoirs, including the towns of Bedzin, Sosnowiec, Myslowice and Jaworzno (4x reduction in potential flood flows), as well as water supply, and the potential for fishery development.


  • total capacity of the reservoir reaches 51.16 mln m3, including flood reserve of 8.07 mln m3
  • surface of the reservoir at the maximum water level covers 560 ha
  • maximum depth reaches 20 m
  • earth dam of 250-m length and max height of 6.8 m
  • three-span weir with the flap gates 3 x 3.0 m
  • side dams 950 m long


  • feasibility study
  • EIA report
  • preliminary and detailed designs
  • operation and maintenance manual
  • integrated water management
  • instruction for Przeczyce, Kuznica Warezynska and Pogoria III reservoir
  • tender documents, conformable with World Bank, FIDIC 1999 and EBI standards)
  • construction upervision on behalf of the author
  • as-built drawings

Project on map


Kuźnica Warężyńska water reservoir- rehabilitation of the sand mine excavations


The State Water Holding Polish Waters - Regional Water Management Authority in Gliwice


Silesia Voivodship, Bedzin District, City of Dabrowa Gornicza and County of Siewierz, Poland

Time frame

2002 - 2006