Malczyce Barrage on the Oder River


Malczyce barrage will constitute part of the existing cascade of Oder Waterway. The main purpose of its construction is to stop erosion in the Odra riverbed below the water level in Brzeg Dolny and its protection against loss of stability.

The construction of Malczyce barrage will restore the original levels of groundwater and the parameters of the shipping route. It will also enable the production of renewable energy.


The designed investment includes:

  • three-span weir with hydraulic drive and fish bypass for a total weight snap of 3x25m = 75m;
  • constant overflow with a length of 300m with an overflow of approx. 260m, a bypass for animals and a steel bridge on the crown;
  • water gate with avanports; usable length of 190 m, width 12 m and closures in the form of hydraulic actuated valves;
  • 9.0 MW hydropower plant and an average annual production of 49,800 MWh, using natural river flows of 40 to 250 m3 / s;
  • upper barrage station;
  • lower barrage station;
  • liquidation of the damming effects


Comprehensive project documentation together with author’s supervision

Project on map


Malczyce Barrage on the Oder River


The State Water Holding Polish Waters - Regional Water Management Authority in Wrocław


km 300.00 of the Odra River, Rzeczyca

Time frame

1993 - 2018