Nieszawa Hydropower Plant (designed) on the Vistula River

Nieszawa HPP is the part of the Nieszawa Barrage. The construction of the Nieszawa barrage supporting the existing Wloclawek barrage as the second and last of the barrages on the Lower Vistula River would contribute to avoid ecological disaster that might be caused by a possible failure of the Wloclawek Barrage.

Basic technical parameters of Hydropower Plant:

  • installed discharge of 6 Kaplan turbines: 1200 m3/s
  • installed power capacity: 51.3/57.8 MW
  • turbine rotor diameter: 5.2¸ 5.5 m
  • elevation of turbine rotor axis: 31.60 m a.s.l.
  • head: 5.10/5.75 m
  • average production: 304.7/354.3 GWh/year


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Nieszawa Hydropower Plant (designed) on the Vistula River


Regional Water Management Authorities Warsaw



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