Rakowice Wielkie water reservoir


Construction of the Rakowice Barrage and introducing the Bobr River bed into the mining excavations constituted Phase I of the Rakowice Reservoir Project. It allowed the continued extraction of the aggregate deposits located under the Bobr River bed and on its right bank, as well as the rehabilitation of the already exploited part of the excavations. This required relocating 140 m of the riverbed upstream the existing excavation, to direct the river to the mining pits, and next to reconnect it to the riverbed downstream the excavation with a 100 m long canal.

Thus obtained water level difference of approx. 9 meters between the riverbed and the excavation created conditions for the construction of a hydropower plant. After completing Phase I of the Project, on-going rehabilitation of the excavations will be carried out over the next 40-50 years of undisturbed operation of the mine. Successive extraction of mineral resources until their complete exhaustion will lead to the formation of the bowl and banks of the future water reservoir.



  • hydropower plant of 25 m3/s (2 x 12.5 m) capacity and installed power of 2000 kW
  • two-span (2 x 18 m = 36 m) inlet weir with 3,5 m high rubber gates inflated with water
  • pillar separating weir from hydropower plant and containing control room for the weir rubber gates
  • 125-m long inlet canal,
  • relocation of the Mlynowka (mill) canal – length of the new bed: 165 m,
  • embankments redirecting water during floods of total lenght of 1108 m (lef bank 661 m, right bank 447 m),
  • connecting canal and protection of the pillar of the 400 kV high voltage power line on 240 m of the riverbanks


  • multi-variant conceptual design
  • detailed designs
  • construction
  • commissioning

Project on map


Rakowice Wielkie water reservoir - rehabilitation of the gravel deposits mine excavations


PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A., Zielona Gora Mineral Resources Mines (ZKSM S.A.)


Town of Rakowice, Lower Silesia Voivodship, Lwowek Slaski Community, weir on km 167,55 of the Bobr River course, Poland

Time frame

2001 - 2005