Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mińsk Mazowiecki


The main problem with the existing wastewater treatment plant in Minsk Mazowiecki was the inability to remove nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus), which discharged into the Srebrna River caused an excessive eutrophicationin of the water. Hydroprojekt elaborated a complete technical documentation for the ”Modernization: Expansion and Rehabilitation of the Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant in Minsk Mazowiecki” Project.

The modernization included mechanical, biological, and sludge management part and was implemented by means of:

  • construction of new biological reactor chambers, blower building, fermentation tank and retention tank for general wastewater from combined sewage system,
  • modernization of preliminary denitrification and dephosphatation chamber, denitrification chamber, fermentation tanks, biogas desulfuring
  • purchase of new equipment, such as mechanical excess sludge thickener, waste collecting station for wastewater from septic tanks or digested sludge centrifuge.

The entire underground infrastructure has also been partially upgraded, partially built anew. All construction works were performed with the wastewater treatment plant not interrupting its operation.


  • nominal capacity of WWTP after modernization equals 7.700 m3/d, max capacity-12.000m3/d, Pe 85.000
  • mechanical-biological WWTP with the possibility of enhanced chemical precipitation of phosphorus (PIX). It operates on a rarely used in Poland technology of sulfur removal from biogas, called BIOSULFEX wet. Desulfurized biogas is consumed for domestic heating purposes (winter period) and technological heating of the sludge (all year). Sludge, obtained as a result of the treatment process, after thickening and sanitation with lime oxide is used in agriculture.


  • preliminary and detailed designs
  • construction supervision on behalf of the author
  • asbuilt drawings

Project on map


Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mińsk Mazowiecki


Town of Minsk Mazowiecki, Mazowsze Voivodship, Minsk District, Poland


Town of Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland

Time frame

2003 - 2006