Weirs on the Oder River – phase II


HaskoningDHV Polska Sp. z o.o. prepared, at the request of the National Water Management Authority, the Polish Regional Water Management Authority in Gliwice, the project documentation for the task entitled “Modernization of the Odra weirs on the section managed by RZGW Wrocław, province Opolskie – stage II”.

The project includes three separate projects on the Krępa, Groszowice and Dobrzeń barrages. As in stage I, each of the projects involves the replacement of sectoral weir closures with hydraulic-operated flap closures and the necessary reconstruction of the concrete structures of pillars, abutments and spans.

Fish ladders for bi-environmental fish, engine room superstructures and footbridges for barn housing estates will be built, and the footbridges over the weir, weir control rooms, distribution dams, weir and bank protection in the vicinity of weirs, access roads and yards as well as energy infrastructure will be reconstructed. The facilities will also be equipped with automatic and remote damper control systems as well as systems monitoring the operation of devices and building safety.

Project on map