Wióry Hydropower Plant

Wióry Flood Protection Reservoir has a total capacity of 35 million m3, including a flood reserve of 19 million m3. The surface of the reservoir at the maximum water level reaches 408 ha. The most important structure of the reservoir is an earth dam with clay core and a reinforced concrete control gallery. Discharge structures consist of a bottom outlet and 4 span overflow 24_m wide in total.

Basic technical parameters of Hydropower Plant:

  • installed power capacity: 450 kW
  • installed discharge of 3 Kaplan turbines: 2.7 m3/s
  • working discharge of 3 turbines: 2.5 m3/s
  • power rating per turbine: (2×200 + 1×50) kW
  • turbine rotor diameter: 2×0.6m + 1×0,35m
  • acceptable head range: 5.35 ¸ 21.7 m
  • average production: 984.5 MWh/year


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Wióry Hydropower Plant


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