Włocławek Barrage and related projects


Wloclawek Barrage was designed by Hydroprojekt and constructed between 1962 – 1970, as the first barrage of the planned Lower Vistula Cascade. For almost 50 years the Wloclawek Barrage has been operating as a single damming structure, without necessary hydraulic support. Working conditions of the facility differ significantly from those assumed in the design. This causes intense, still increasing erosion downstream the barrage.


  • earth dam 20 m high and 670 m long
  • a 10-span reinforced-concrete weir 200 m wide (excluding pillars) and flow capacity of 11.150 m3/s, equipped in shell structure vertical lift gates (in the years 2004 – 2006, in two spans the flap gates were installed)
  • hydropower plant of installed power capacity of 162 MW and average annual power generation of 789 GWh
  • navigation lock with chamber dimensions of 115 x 12 m and the designed water head of 12,8 m
  • fish passage consisting of 30 concrete chambers in the dividing pillar and 3 rest-chambers with lure-water pipeline


Hydroprojekt is the author of numerous design works related to the technical problems of the Wloclawek Barrage:

2009 – 2012 Construction and executive designs of reconstruction and renovation of Włocławek barrage: front dam, control and measurement system, weir, sluice with avanports, fish passage”

2011 Feasibility Study for the Project” Ecological Safety of the Wloclawek Barrage: Modernization of the Barrage in Wloclawek and Improvement of the Wloclawek Reservoir Flood Protection”

2009 – 2011 “Preliminary and Detailed Designs of the Reconstruction of the Side Dams of the Wloclawek Reservoir, as well as Macro-leveling of the Reservoir’s Bowl”

2010 Technical Documentation for the Task: ”Reconstruction of the Side Dam in New Duninow village” (left-bank dam of the Wloclawek Reservoir)

2009 – 2012 Construction and detailed designs of the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the structures of the Wloclawek Barrage

2007 – 2008 Preparatory Documentation for the Task: ”Ecological Safety of the Wloclawek Barrage”:

  • Phase I – Update of the conceptual design and the analysis and assessment of the variants with indicating the optimal solution
  • Phase II – Report on environmental impact assessment for different variants

2002 – 2004 Conceptual design with mutli-variant feasibility study for the proposed investment: “Construction of the Barrage in Nieszawa-Ciechocinek (supporting barrage)”

1998 – 1999 Multi-variant pre-feasibility study of the Lower Vistula development

1997 – 2000 Conceptual design of the Vistula River Valley Development and Vistula River Trainng on the section from km 295.2 to 684.0 of the river

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Włocławek Barrage and related projects


The State Water Holding Polish Waters - Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw


Włocławek, Poland

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1958 - 2012