Data Centres

Sustainable Data Centres: connecting the world.

Almost every person and organisation in the world expects to be connected 24/7. We rely on the internet to access information, to communicate and do business. Despite that, we are still in the early stages of ‘digital.’ There is so much more to come – and so digital infrastructure is crucial. Data centres are the cornerstones of the digital infrastructure network, connecting everything together with the responsibility to never fail.

While the digital infrastructure sector is relatively young and expanding fast, there is growing concern over its environmental impact.

As part of our mission to Enhance Society Together, HaskoningDHV Polska delivers state-of-the-art data centre designs where energy efficiency and sustainability are fundamental design principles. We focus on ensuring the data centre suits its environment.

Our innovations significantly reduce the environmental footprint of data infrastructure, and we are committed to delivering carbon-neutral data centres.

Selected projects